Timeless beauty in untouched places. A sequel to the Emmy Award-winning film.



Idaho the Movie 2 reveals timeless beauty in untouched places. Complete your collection with this sequel to the original, Emmy Award-winning film.  Idaho the Movie 2 features all new locations from every region of this rugged, Rocky Mountain state and was filmed entirely in Ultra HD.   A BluRay of Idaho the Movie 2 dazzles on 4K television monitors.  Also available on DVD.

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The Idaho, the Movie gift set features 2 DVDs.  Share the beauty of Idaho and the West with your family and friends this holiday season with the Idaho, the Movie + Wildlife of the West special edition gift set.   This 2 DVD set features the Emmy Award winning documentary, “Idaho, the Movie”, plus the brand new release “Wildlife of the West,” featuring more than 2 dozen of the West’s most intriguing species of wildlife.  Both films are written and narrated by columnist, Tim Woodward.

Idaho, the Movie DVDs for sale


Single copies of Idaho, the Movie are also available.   Idaho, the Movie is an Emmy Award-winning documentary that features the well known landscapes of Idaho and the little known gems in between.   Purchase your copy of this keep-sake film and share the beauty of Idaho with your family and friends.

Idaho, the Movie BluRay on sale now:  

Idaho, the Movie DVD on sale now:     


Idaho, the Movie and Idaho the Movie 2 will also be available at these Idaho retail outlets beginning November 26th, 2016:


Idaho Mountain Touring

Tim Woodward in-store signing December 1st, 2016 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm!

Idaho the Movie, on sale at select Costco Wholesale stores.


On sale beginning November 26th, 2016 at all Idaho Costco warehouses.



On sale beginning November 26th, 2016 at all Idaho Albertsons stores.

41 Responses to “Buy the DVD”

  1. Kay Sherer

    My only complaint is that I was not ready for The Movie to end! I anxiously await a sequel

    • wideeyetv

      Kay, Idaho the Movie 2 will premier at the Egyptian Theater in Boise on November 15th, 2016 at 7pm! Our broadcast premier on KTVB Television in Boise is November 25th @ 7pm. DVDs and BluRays of the film will sell at Idaho Mountain Touring in Boise and at Idaho Costco and Albertsons stores during the holiday season. Thank you!

      • Jeffrey Weese

        Great. Excited to see it and be a small part of it
        Jeff @AirStLuke’s

      • wideeyetv

        You guys were a BIG part of it. Thank you to Air St. Luke’s for your support of Idaho the Movie 2!

  2. Linda Mccloskey

    beautiful I wanted to jump in the car anf start exploring Well done

  3. Tom

    Great movie! I will be buying several copies as gifts. Are the copies purchased through this site signed or are signed copies only available at the signing events?

    • idahothemovie

      Yes!! The DVDs will arrive to the Sequim, Washington Costco store tomorrow, 12/14/12. Expect to see them in the store this weekend. Thanks!!

  4. Sandra

    Is there any other place to buy the DVD? I live in Sandpoint ID and would love to buy it locally. No Costco, Albertsons or the touring stores up here.
    Thanks Sandra

  5. Roberta Hurtt

    Great job! Fantastic video.
    Thanks, Tim, Kevin and Bill. I purchased several for gifts.

  6. pc

    I would love to see this in blu-ray, as a HD rental/purchase on amazon.com, or in :HD on netflix. It needs HD to do it justice.

  7. lizardsting

    What a gorgeous movie represneting the beauty ID offers! Is there a listing of signing events? I’ll be getting copies for out of state family Thank You!

    • idahothemovie

      Yes, there is a signing event tonight, Thursday, May 9th at 6pm at Idaho Mountain Touring, 13th and Main in Downtown Boise

      Next two signing events are as follows:
      – May 7th at 4pm at the Boise Costco Warehouse
      – May 13th at 6pm at Idaho Mountain Touring, 13th & Main in Downtown Boise

  8. Dustin

    Will you be offering an HD digital download of the movie? It seems a shame to watch HD and 4K footage on a 480p DVD.

  9. Denny

    Denny, I was born and raised in Idaho. I forgot how beutiful it is. I live in another state no and just watched it on tv. It made me homesick. I have fished and hunted most of the places I seen in the movie.

  10. Pam

    I too was born and raised here in Idaho. I was raised in the mountains as a minors daughter and have seen most of these places personally. All the beauty and serenity has been captured wonderfully. The animals I’ve seen personally. I am very much wanting to buy the whole gift set, a few in fact. Where and how much? Please let me know.


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