A film about one of America's most spectacular and least known states.

Idaho, the Movie is a one-hour television documentary featuring the well known and the hidden treasures of Idaho.   An elemental theme carries viewers on a tour of the state’s mountains, rivers, deserts, landscapes, lakes and more.   Think of it as Idaho’s own “Planet Earth” style program.   From the Sawtooths to the Tetons, from the big lakes of North Idaho to the deserts of the South-West, from unique landscapes like Craters of the Moon and Thousand Springs to Mesa and Shoshone Falls, to the rivers large and small… Idaho the Movie shares them all.    Click on the posts below to view sample images as well as our show trailer and a sample segment on Mesa Falls in eastern Idaho.  You can buy your own copy of Idaho, the Movie on DVD here.


Wildlife of the West

"Wildlife of the West" a brand new release and the companion film to Idaho, the Movie features more than 2 dozen of the West's most intriguing animals.



Among the Idaho desert's many surprises are four dunes.

Shoshone Falls


The Niagra of the West. Shoshone Falls in South Central Idaho.



Remnants of the Old West dot Idaho's landscape like weathered signboards from a bygone era.

Idaho scenic travel documenary, Stanley Lake, travel show, scenic Idaho

Watch the Trailer

Idaho, the Movie official trailer.


Watch Mesa Falls

The Henry's Fork of the Snake River plunges 114 feet over a basalt cliff to create Mesa Falls-- a small Niagara in the proverbial middle of nowhere.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. kellyjensenre

    Looks like a spectacular flick. Reminds me not to take our great state for granted. Idaho truly is an amazing place to live.


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