Timeless beauty in untouched places. A sequel to the Emmy Award-winning film.

Timeless beauty in untouched places. Wide Eye Productions presents, Idaho the Movie 2, a sequel to the Emmy Award-winning film.  Shot entirely in 4K and 5K (more than 4-times the size of high definition), Idaho the Movie 2 is sure to please with the highest resolution digital film ever captured of Idaho’s wild and wide open spaces. Idaho the Movie 2 broadcasts across the Northwest this holiday season, check for airdates in your area.

BluRays and DVDs are available at local retailers and thru our website.

Idaho, the Movie (the first film) is an Emmy award-winning one-hour television documentary featuring the well known and the hidden treasures of Idaho.  An elemental theme carries viewers on a tour of the state’s mountains, rivers, deserts, landscapes, lakes and more.  Think of it as Idaho’s own “Planet Earth” style program. From the Sawtooths to the Tetons, from the big lakes of North Idaho to the deserts of the South-West, from unique landscapes like Craters of the Moon and Thousand Springs to Mesa and Shoshone Falls, to the rivers large and small… Idaho the Movie shares them all.


BluRays and DVDs

BluRays and DVDs on sale now!


Interview with the Artists

Interview with the Artists


Featuring Ultra HD Aerials of Idaho

Aerials for Idaho the Movie 2 were captured in Ultra HD

5 Responses to “About”

  1. kellyjensenre

    Looks like a spectacular flick. Reminds me not to take our great state for granted. Idaho truly is an amazing place to live.

  2. Doug Stephens

    I just watched the Making of Idaho the movie, great overall with one correction. The Yellowstone River is the longest undammed river in the lower 48 at 551 miles from it’s headwaters to the confluence with the Missouri.

  3. Deborah Rose

    This is why I arrived here over 40 years ago, and never returned to the big city. My (native) husband says I’m totally “idahoned” now, but I’m just proud to be a part of this unique God’s country.


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