Timeless beauty in untouched places. A sequel to the Emmy Award-winning film.

Wildlife of the West

Wide Eye Productions presents Wildlife of the West, featuring more than 2 dozen of the West’s most intriguing species of wildlife.

The West is known for spectacular scenery, but it’s also home to one of the world’s most impressive wildlife populations. Wildlife of the West, a companion film to the Emmy award-winning Idaho, the Movie, captures it amid the diverse beauty of Idaho and Yellowstone National Park.  It takes you streamside and mountainside with bighorn sheep, moose, eagles, trophy trout, grizzly bears and more. From the flickering flight of a mountain bluebird to the dizzying habitat of the Rocky Mountain goat,  it’s all here in Wildlife of the West.

And now, Wildlife of the West and Idaho, the Movie are available together– in a special edition gift set.   This special edition set features both DVDs packaged together in a commemorative gift box for all to enjoy.

Idaho, the Movie and Wildlife of the West, a special edition gift set on sale now.

3 Responses to “Wildlife of the West”

  1. Lee Bistline

    Is Wildlife of the West available on Blu-Ray HD? I bought the blu-ray of Idaho the Movie, and really enjoyed it. I think you did a really good job. I saw the DVD set of the two at Costco, but DVD is not much better than VHS after one has gotten used to blu-ray. The poor quality of DVD is an insult to the work of the Red camera. I would sure like to get Wildlife of the West on blu-ray.

  2. Monica Kovacs

    I really enjoyed Idaho the Movie that was playing in my eye docs office! I would especially like to find the piano mysic that was playing during the final credits. Can someone please help me find out what that music is?

    Thank you.
    Monica Kovacs


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