“Among the Idaho desert’s many surprises are four dunes. The largest, nearly 500 feet tall are the Bruneau dunes. Prevailing winds blow sand from the surrounding desert and drop the heavier particles, creating serpentine ripples on wind-sculpted slopes.” – Tim Woodward in Idaho, the Movie

Shooting the dunes presents an interesting set of challenges.   First, there’s the hike to the top.   Photographer Bill Krumm scaled the tallest (470 foot) dune with a backpack full of camera gear to capture wide shots of the dune’s peak.

Photographer Bill Krumm shoots from atop the largest single single structure sand dune in North America.

Secondly, there’s the sand.   Camera gear and blowing sand don’t usually play nicely together, but on this calm late-summer day, photographers Bill Krumm and Kevin Eslinger were able to capture not only some gorgeous images of the dunes, but an amazing time lapse of the Bruneau night sky.   With almost no light pollution at the isolated dunes, you can see why the state chose Bruneau Dunes for the location of Idaho’s only public observatory.

The Bruneau sky at night. Tune in to Idaho the Movie for some incredible time lapses of Idaho skies at night.